The music of Kopperhed is intense. The live show is an onslaught of colour, light and very heavy, very loud music. Thus, the band required artwork to match their sonic and visual delivery. We started with the logo and slowly built a brand around the band.


The album “Malum In Se” was launched soon afterwards. The brief was simple: It had to be “dark” and it had to be “heavy”! This is what we came up with for the album cover.


No expense was spared and no corners cut on the 12-page CD booklet. Everything had to be given the “rock star” treatment. Kopperhed’s artwork needed to reflect their brazen and unapologetic ethos in everything from the cover to the band’s portrait photography.


We even created an all-star collection of “Baseball cards” featuring a little personal information about each band member.


If you are interested, there’s more Kopperhed eye-candy to be found in the gallery here

And if you are a band, or musician looking to promote your music and need some star quality design to take it to the next level, look no further. Don’t dilly-dally. Just get in touch.

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